Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Matrix/Dynamic Light Assist?

A. Matrix is a technology developed for headlights found in newer vehicles that, instead of using just a single bulb or LED, it uses multiple LED pixels in an array to form a Matrix of LEDs inside of the high beam. This allows for maximum illumination of the roadway while the headlights are on.

Dynamic Light Assist (DLA) is the name Volkswagen, and some other automakers, chose to call their Adaptive Driving Beam technology. This Adaptive Driving Beam technology, or ADB, allows the computer in the vehicle to control each LED inside the high beam individually or physically moving the projector via mechanical motors (depending on vehicle). The computer uses multiple sources such as a camera on the front windshield, GPS location, speed, and steering input to tell the headlight what to do in certain situations. The camera can detect on-coming vehicle headlights or tail lights up to 600 meters in front and turn off LEDs individually or moving the projector physically (depending on vehicle). This is done to not dazzle or blind the driver in front or on-coming. It will keep the other areas of the roadway illuminated. The front camera can also detect road signs and dim the LEDs to not dazzle the driver.
Speed and GPS input are used to tell the headlights when to activate the DLA function based on location or type of roadway.
Steering input is used to turn on individual LEDs in the high beam when going around a bend. This will wrap and shape the light around the turn.

If you would like more info on how this works, you can find it here: Dynamic Light Assist

As well as here: Volkswagen IQ.Light The video is in German.

Hella also makes a cool app for iPhone to show a visual representation that can be downloaded here: Hella NightDrive

Want to read more about the VW IQ Light and some of its features? Volkswagen IQ Matrix Light

Want to read more about Audi Lighting Technology? Audi Lighting Technologies


Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes, however, some state and local regulations may say differently. You can read the info on the federal regulations here: NHTSA Adaptive Driving Beams

The US regulations originally deemed the headlights "Too Bright" for US motorists. In order to make this legal for use in the US, NHTSA had to create certain rules for this technology. With that being said, the DLA/Matrix LEDs used in North American Regions are "dumbed" down compared to those used in other regions of the world (i.e. US lights use only 12 individual LEDs instead of 24 depending on vehicle).


Q. How long has this technology been around?

A. This technology has been available in the European and Rest of the World for almost a decade. However, the technology and functionality was recently approved for use in early 2022 but is going through testing to make the functionality safe to use on US roadways.


Q. Since it is legal now, (why can't or will) Volkswagen dealers themselves activate it after purchase?

A. No, most dealerships do not know about this functionality nor do they have access to it. At the time these vehicles were created for North American Region, the headlight hardware was approved for use. However, the functionality of the hardware was not.


Q. Does the Matrix/DLA Activation void the warranty?

A. The simple answer: Technically anything done to your vehicle that modifies any part of the vehicle will void the warranty. 

A. The long answer: Yes and no. The files being uploaded to the vehicle are still from a stock vehicle, however they are from a non NAR market vehicle. The file upload does not set off a flash counter like an ECU Flash tune does. It simply appears as a basic coding change done with something such as OBDEleven. However, it is at the dealers discretion whether they notice and want to warranty the vehicle or not based off of this change that has been done.


Q. Can the Dealer remove any coding or changes made?

A. Absolutely, the dealer can remove and reset the vehicle fully if they so please. It does not tend to happen regularly, however there have been some instances. If a dealership visit is required at any point after changes made there is an option on the site to have a full backup of the vehicle taken for use with a One-Click Restore done once the vehicle has returned from the dealership visit. This can be found here: Full Vehicle Backup Service


Q. What happens if I have something coded or changed and the dealer resets it?

A. In the event that this happens (and a full backup was not done), please reach out to and the coding or changes can be restored. 


Q. How often have issues been encountered after the Matrix or any other coding changes?

A. Very rarely. However, there have been some out of the ordinary occurrences where something has caused a problem. In the event this does happen, please contact immediately and things will be remedied ASAP.


Q. Is the Matrix/DLA Activation actually worth it?

A. That is a very subjective question. However, I can say from personal experience, it improves nighttime safety, visibility, and driving exponentially. With that being said, the price for this is fairly inexpensive compared to the price that would be paid for a vehicle repair or worse due to improper nighttime visibility. Don't believe me? Just Google: MK8 Matrix Activation, Golf 8 Dynamic Light Assist, or MK8 Adaptive Headlights and you will see the posts on pages from customers I have already helped.


Q. Does an Infotainment Software Update remove this after activated?

A. If the update is performed yourself, no it will not. However, if the vehicle is taken to the dealership to have the update performed, there may be a chance of the coding changes being reverted. If that happens, contact me and the coding can be restored.


Q. Okay, you got me. Where can I purchase?

A. The Matrix/DLA and all other coding changes can be found here: Coding Services


Q. Okay, I've purchased. Whats required and what do I do next?

A. Awesome! You are one step closer to a safer nighttime driving experience! A DoIP cable setup will be drop shipped to you from Amazon. The only thing you will need is a laptop (Mac/Windows/Linux) with internet access. You will need to download a program called FlexiHub and install it. That can be found Here. Once installed and cable arrives, you will come here and use the Scheduler to schedule a time and date for the activation. At the time of activation, you will go out to your vehicle. Connect the cable setup to the vehicle. Open the hood. Turn the Ignition On but not the Engine. You will open the laptop and open FlexiHub. I will send you a token code that you will use to log in. At this point I will give you a call and we will get the process started!


Hopefully this helps answer some of the questions asked regarding the Matrix (DLA) activation or any other coding changes. Any further questions, please feel free to contact: