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ACM Technik LLC

Full Vehicle Backup Service (SFD Protected Vehicles)

Full Vehicle Backup Service (SFD Protected Vehicles)

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This service is for anyone that has done any coding or activations to their MK8 or any other SFD Protected vehicle (I.e. via OBDEleven or myself).

A full vehicle backup of coding, adaptations, and calibrations will be performed.

This backup will be stored to my server for a 1 click restore to be performed in the event a dealer visit happened and reverted back to factory or something else happened.

An HTML print out of the backup with all of the stored values will be provided after backup performed.

A battery charger of 10 or more amps is highly recommended.

If you have OBDEleven, performing an SFD unlock of all the modules will need to be done prior to this service. There are ~10 modules.

If you do not have OBDEleven, the option covers the cost of SFD Unlocking all modules. There are ~10 modules that require unlocking.

Total backup time is roughly an hour depending on internet connection. Hotspot WILL NOT work for this.

A cable will be provided if you do not already have a cable from a previous activation.

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