Harman Kardon Sound System Improvement MK8

Harman Kardon Sound System Improvement MK8

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Product Description:

The factory Harman Kardon Premium Audio System in the Golf 8 GTI/R is supposed to be “premium” sound quality.

However, this was not the case when it was leaving customers disappointed and wanting more.

Customers found themselves upgrading to a Fender subwoofer, changing the coding in the amplifier module to “Beats” claiming it makes it better. Which may do something.

BUT, with this custom amplifier tuning, it will make the Harman Kardon actually worth something!

Tuning was done using a calibrated RTA microphone and a good amount of time spent tweaking to ear based on my custom system. Now obviously this amplifier and the speakers used have lots of limitations so it is not anything compared to a custom audio setup or aftermarket amplifier/system. Tuning was done with an all around sound in mind vs a more focused or specific sound. This is about as good as the system can be without making physical hardware changes.


Improved Bass

Louder Output

Better highs, mids, and lows

Better ability for tuning with on screen controls

All factory features such as surround, seating focus, EQ and other controls still work as designed.


In addition to this tuning, poly-fill can be used to fill the subwoofer box. This will help improve the lows and make the subwoofer seem as if it is in a larger enclosure.

Poly-fill rolls can be purchased here:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jacek Foltynski
Noticeable improvement in sound

I'm not an audiophile but my wife and I both agree the sound system is notably better since the ACM improvement was done.

Joseph B.³

Worth every penny. Boosts the overall performance of the factory sound system significantly.

Christopher Lucas
Excellent Upgrade, Even Better Service!

I have been chasing improved audio in my Mk8 Golf R since day one. I had already replaced the factory H/K speakers with Focal VW 155 kits in the front and rear. ACM's sound system upgrade took it to another level. Honestly I could have just done this update and skipped several hundred dollars and several hours of installation and been happy. The sound is much fuller and clearer after the update. Anthony is the real deal. Super patient and friendly throughout the process. The update took maybe 10 minutes but we spent significantly more time just chatting car audio and VW . Will definitely be coming back for other services in the future


Worth every penny. ACM Technik is a very fair priced company that never disappoints. I highly recommend them