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MK5 - MK6 Traction Control Button Kit w/ Harness

MK5 - MK6 Traction Control Button Kit w/ Harness

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Unlike some other Volkswagen models, the MK6 Jetta does not have a dedicated button to activate or deactivate the Traction Control System (TCS). However, you can easily add this functionality to your vehicle with a simple plug-and-play harness installation.


This harness allows you to activate and deactivate the TCS with the push of a button, giving you greater control over your vehicle's handling in different driving conditions.


Please note that some models may require additional coding via OBD11 or VCDS to enable this feature.


Overall, this plug-and-play harness provides an easy and convenient solution for those looking to add Traction Control System functionality to their MK6 Jetta, without the need for any complicated wiring or modifications.