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European IQ Tail Light Harness Direct to BCM

European IQ Tail Light Harness Direct to BCM

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Euro Headlight Switch
  • Ships from Supplier

This version requires direct wiring to the Body Control Module and IS NOT Plug and Play.

Requires Programming via myself after install.

Harness made by and Direct Shipped.

Headlight Switch is OE Aftermarket unless true OEM is requested. Please contact me if that is wanted as there is a larger price difference between the two.

DoIP is Direct shipped from Amazon.

This includes:

  • The tail light harness
  • The Euro Headlight Switch w/ Rear Fog button
  • The DoIP cable required for programming
  • The Programming required once installed

See Below for Install Guide and Video.

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Why this harness over Plug and Play?

For starters, this harness wires the tail lights directly to the BCM as if it came from factory in Europe with these lights. This allows the vehicle to control different functions that normally are not controlled on the North American vehicles.


Extra Functions from this:

  • Dynamic (Sequential) Turn signals are now controlled by the vehicle. This allows for the speed and brightness of the turn signal to change based on different driving conditions and lighting conditions.
  • Separated Inner Turn Signals. This harness will separate the inner turn signals from the outers giving them their own Diagnostic DTC value. The benefit of having this includes, telling you on the dash or in the infotainment that there is a problem with each specific light.
  • The Coming Home Leaving Home Fade On and Off "Animation". This will program the lights to activate the very smooth and clean looking fade on and fade off animation when coming home leaving home is activated. This will also activate the menu option under Vehicle settings -> Exterior Lights to choose between Standard or Animation.
  • Switch On When Approaching. This will switch on the function that will start the coming home leaving home animation when the key is initially detected as you are walking up to the vehicle.
  • Rear Fog Light. This will wire in and activate the rear fog light feature with the European Tail Lights.
  • The ability to say your tail lights are properly wired as if it came from factory with them!
  • Some other "under the hood" features that are less known or seen.




Install Video