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ACM Technik LLC

ECE LED Matrix Beam Headlight Retrofit Kit for MK8 Golf R

ECE LED Matrix Beam Headlight Retrofit Kit for MK8 Golf R

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Headlight Lead Time from Supplier: ~2-3 weeks.

THIS PRICE IS SHIPPED. Due to supplier shipping rates increasing a lot for the headlights the price did have to change.

This is the European ECE LED Matrix Beam Headlight Retrofit Kit for the MK8 Golf R w/ the Blue Stripe.

Everything is Drop Shipped from the suppliers.

Does not include Power Modules. Original Power Modules from Stock Headlights MUST BE SWAPPED OVER.

Included in the kit is:

  • The Driver and Passenger Side ECE LED Matrix Beam Headlights.
  • The Daytime Running Light Modules for each headlight.
  • The VAS 5054A cable required for programming.
  • The Programming of the Headlights once installed.
  • Programming of Full Matrix LED Functionality as it is required for use with these headlights.
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  • Description

What's all the hype?

Here in the North American Region, the headlights on our vehicles are regulated on how bright they can be, how the turn signal can function, and other factors. However, over in Europe and other regions, those factors are not as heavily regulated. That being said, these headlights provide extra functionality compared to those in North America.



  • The Turn Signal is Dynamic (Sequential)
  • The overall brightness (light output) is greater.
  • The Matrix Functionality is a lot smoother and more prominent.
  • Allows for travel mode selection.
  • The Low Beam has a more traditional style cutoff with a Step Up to the Right.
  • Activates the Dynamic Cornering function.
  • Deletes the Amber Side Marker light
  • The overall functionality of the headlight itself is just better.
  • Gives your car that extra European Cool Factor!