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14 - 10 Headlight Harness (MK7) (MQB)

14 - 10 Headlight Harness (MK7) (MQB)

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To utilize aftermarket lights on the MK7 platform, This harness will modify your Bi-Xenon spec (Lighting package) 14-pin harness to a Standard 10-pin.


Please note that this harness is only compatible with MK7 and not 7.5 with LED headlights.


In order to prevent any errors that may appear in VCDS, it's recommended to code out AFS and auto level. However, any AFS errors that may occur will not impact the functionality of the harness.


Please take note that the product image will remain unaltered until a finalized version is made available within the next few days. We understand the importance of visual representation, and we are working to provide an updated image that accurately reflects the product as its been though a revision lately.