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14 - 10 Headlight Harness (MK6 GOLF R) (PQ35)

14 - 10 Headlight Harness (MK6 GOLF R) (PQ35)

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To use aftermarket lights on your MK6 GOLF R, you'll need to convert your Bi-Xenon spec 14-pin harness to a Standard 10-pin OEM pin.


Please note that the Golf R does not include a DRL in the headlight; instead, it's located in the bumper. This two-way harness is designed to plug into both the headlight and the factory DRL in the bumper.


It's important to keep in mind that AFS and auto level should be coded out to avoid errors that could potentially appear in VCDS. However, if any AFS errors do occur, the functionality of the harness will not be affected.


The harness can function similarly to a factory setup without the need for any coding.