10 - 10 Pin Headlight Harness (VLAND HEADLIGHTS ONLY)

10 - 10 Pin Headlight Harness (VLAND HEADLIGHTS ONLY)

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Vland did not pin their headlights to Volkswagen specifications. However, you can still get the DRL on your VLAND working correctly with a plug-and-play harness.


This harness is specifically designed for 10-pin configurations and allows you to connect your VLAND headlights to your Volkswagen vehicle without any additional modifications.


With this harness, you'll be able to enjoy the full functionality of your VLAND headlights, including properly functioning DRLs. Plus, since it's a plug-and-play design, there's no need for any complicated wiring or additional electrical knowledge. Simply plug in the harness and you're good to go!


Overall, this harness provides an easy and convenient solution for those looking to upgrade their headlights to VLAND and ensure proper functionality.


Please note that this harness is designed only for those who have a 10 to 10-pin configuration and are experiencing issues with the DRL on their VLAND headlights. It is not compatible with other configurations and should not be used in such cases

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